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  • How do I get a library card?
    • A person must go to one of our libraries in person to receive a library card
    • Please see our Policies page for more details on required identification

  • Why I can't log in with my library card number?
    • This can happen for a variety of reasons, some are:
      • Your account may have expired
      • Your account may have too many unpaid fines
    • Please contact your local library, who will be happy to help.


  • Do I need a Beaver County Library card to download eBooks?
    • Yes. We cannot provide eBooks or eAudiobooks to people who do not have one of our library cards. In order to get one of our library cards you must go to one of our locations and qualify for our Borrowing Policies.

  • How do I download eBooks?

  • Can I renew eBooks?
    • Yes/Maybe. It is now possible to renew certain ebooks, when there are no holds on the item. You can renew the item through your checked out items in your Overdrive account.

  • Can I return eBooks early?
    • Yes. You return eBooks early using the same method / program you used to download the eBook
      • If you are using Kindle device:
        1. Log in to your Amazon Kindle account
        2. Return the eBook from your listed library books
      • If you are used Adobe Digital Editions to download the eBook file:
        1. Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
        2. Return the eBook from you're library in the software
      • If you downloaded to a phone or tablet using Overdrive Media Console
        1. Open Overdrive Media Console on your device
        2. Return the eBook from the app

  • Can I return eAudiobooks early?
    • No. Because of licensing agreements it is not currently possible to return eAudiobooks early.

  • I have other eBook questions.

  • I need to contact somebody about my problem.
    • If you need to contact a librarian about your eBook issues / questions, please keep track of the following information so we can best help solve your problem:
      • Library card number
      • Title(s) of problem download(s)
      • Steps to reproduce the problem
      • Exact text of any error messages
      • URLs of any error pages
      • Applicable software
      • Operating system (Mac® OS 10.6.5, Windows® 7, iOS v4.2, etc.)
      • Internet browser (Internet Explorer® 8, Firefox® 3.6, Safari 5.0, etc.)
      • If applicable, device type (Android, BlackBerry®, iPhone®, iPad®, etc.)

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